[2014.10.16] Taeha Twitter Update

감기조심해요 딥스~! !

Be careful of catching a cold DEEPS~! !

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[2014.10.16] Taeha Twitter Update

고마워요 ~^0^

Thank you ~^0^

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[2014.10.15] Jungwoo Twitter Update

이번년도도 마무리잘하자구요.. 고마워요 잘자요!

Let’s wrap up this year nicely as well.. thank you, good night!

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[2014.10.15] Jungwoo & Yoohwan Twitter Conversation

Jungwoo: 날씨가 추우니까 감기걸리디마요 ㅜㅜ

It’s cold so please don’t catch a cold ㅜㅜ

Yoohwan: 우리엄마두

Mom too

Jungwoo: 세균맨 ㅡ ㅡ

Virus Man ㅡ ㅡ

Yoohwan: 치질 빨리 낫길 바랄게

I hope you get well soon from piles

Jungwoo: ㅇ ㅏ☆ 내가 방송국에서 맨날 누워있는이유가 걸린것잉가…. 아니고 그런거안걸렸숴

Ah☆ Is the reason why I’m always sleeping in the waiting rooms revealed now…. Not. I didn’t suffer from that

Yoohwan: 넝~담♡


Jungwoo: 하~ㅎ넝~ㅎ~담~?¿ 치루랄라 치루랄라 유환이가 노랠한다 치루랄라

Hah~Jok~~Ing~?¿ Chirulalla chirulalla Yoohwan is singing chirulalla

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[2014.10.14] Jongkook Twitter Update

두리형 오늘 너무 멋져요~ @robotdr22 오늘 진짜너무너무 감사합니다!!! 두리형께서 티켓주신덕에 태하형이랑 왔어요ㅋㅋ 1:1로 전반전 끝났네요 후반전엔 역전갑시다! 대한민국 화이팅! 두리형 화이팅!!

Duri hyung, you were so cool today~ @robotdr22 Thank you so much for today!!! I was able to come with Taeha hyung because Duri hyung gave us ticketsㅋㅋ The score was 1:1 by full time. Thank you for the turn of tables in the second half! South Korea hwaiting! Duri hyung hwaiting!!

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[2014.10.14] Chancey The Glow Twitter Update

#보여 드디어 발매!!! 쳌 해주세요!! 들어보시고 맘에 드셧다면 공유!!!

#BOYEO has finally been released!!! Please check it out!! Please share it if you listened to it and liked it!!!

Taewoon: 내눈엔 너밖에 안’BOYEO’

I can only ‘see’ you in my eyes

Jongkook: 캬 노래좋다!! 영훈이형 화이팅~~~

Kya the song is great!! Younghoon hyung hwaiting~~~

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[2014.10.13] Yoohwan Twitter Update

오랜만에 셀카올리고 사라지기_ _ 휙휙

Uploading a selca in a long time and disappearing_ _ scuffle scuffle

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[2014.10.13] Taewoon Twitter Update

5일 남았다..떨려 떨려 떨려..

5 days left.. I’m feeling nervous..

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[2014.10.12] Jongkook Twitter Update

오랜만에 집에와서 가족들이랑!!!!! 대하먹었어요~!!^^*

I went home in a long time and ate everything!!!!! with my family~!!^^*

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[2014.10.12] Taewoon Twitter Update

10/18일 royal class 첫단독…때가 때인지라 더 보구싶은 팬들.얼굴보면서 얘기하자~10/18일날 봐요 기다릴게요-.

October 18th is Royal Class’ first solo concert… royal class 첫단독… I’m missing the fans as time goes by. Let’s see each other and have a talk~See you on the 18th, I’ll be waiting-.

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