[2014.09.22] Jungwoo Twitter Update

ありがとうございます、すぐにまた来ますね韓国カムバックも期待してください大好きです^ ^

Thank you, we’ll come back soon. Please anticipate our comeback in Korea as well.  I love you^ ^

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[2014.09.21] Taeha Twitter Update

みなさん, おつかれさまでした。^0^

Everyone, you’ve worked hard. ^0^

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[2014.09.21] Yoohwan Twitter Update

今日幸せだった。これからもそばにいてください。 #kmf2014 #speed #yuhwan #deeps

I was happy today. Pleas continuously stay by our side. #kmf2014 #speed #yuhwan #deeps

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[2014.09.22] Jungwoo Twitter Update

딥쓰으 ! 공연잘하고왔습니다 얼른만나요 보고싶네요 잘자요 ㅎㅎ

Deeps ! We did a good performance and came back. Let’s see each other soon, I miss you. Good night ㅎㅎ

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Anonymous SAID:
Do you need to know Korean to run a fanbase? Also do you know what countries have a DEEPS fanbase site/twitter/blog?

I think it would come in handy if you knew some basic Korean (or any words relating to the celebrity / person) because it will help you search for things on portal sites and other places. 

To answer your second question: I have a few country fanbased sites/blogs listed in this page. I am sure there are many more.

[2014.09.22] Sejoon Twitter Update + Jongkook’s Reply

잘자요~~내일한국에서 보아~~ (feat.신닭)

Good night~~ See you tomorrow in Korea~~ (feat. Shin Chicken)

Jongkook: 굿나잇 박닭

Goodnight Park Chicken

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Anonymous SAID:
do you know why superiorspeed isn't posting, and do you know another blog like it? i miss their content! ;;

Unfortunately no, I’m sorry. If you want to look at content similar to what superiorspeed does, do check out RusDeeps and other country fanbases. They update quite a bit on photos etc as well ^^

[2014.09.21] CCM_SPEED Twitter Update

[SPEED] #KMF 에서 우리 #스피드 어땠나요? 멋있었나요?? 오랜만에 멋진 모습의 스피드 단체 사진을 공개 합니다~!! #딥스가최고야

[SPEED] How was #SPEED at #KMF? Were they cool?? Here is a group photo of Speed looking cool in a long time~!! #DeepsAreTheBest

[SPEED] 여러분들은 앞에 올라온 사진에 속으셨습니다. 아까 그 사진은 #스피드 인 척 하는 일곱 청년들이고, 이게 진짜 #스피드 죠!!

[SPEED] You have been fooled by the photo in front of you. The previous photo was seven young men pretending to be #Speed, this is the real #Speed!!

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Anonymous SAID:
i love sungmin

who doesn’t?!?! :3

[2014.09.21] Taeha Instagram Update

#수고했어요 #DEEPS #SPEED

#YouveWorkedHard #DEEPS #SPEED

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