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[!] speed-boys Giveaway Winner!

Hello everyone,

I hope all of you are spending a nice summer~ I’m here to announce the winner of the 1st speed-boys giveaway!

The winner of the 1st giveaway goes to 21bbc ! Congratulations!
I’ll be sending out a message to you, so please reply within the next 48 hours! If not, I’ll be choosing another winner. 

And thank you to the many people who have participated in this giveaway as well :)

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Anonymous: hey babe, have a nice vacation!! i'll miss you!!

I’ll be back in 1-2 weeks time!! Please wait ; w ;

jungwoo90: do you have a personal twitter account? :O

I do, it’s @ssanilee

[2014.07.17] Jungwoo Twitter Updates

해외공연 썰1 쿠마모토 공연갔을때 장난으로 아 시차적응안되서 너무피곤하다라고했는데 멤버중에한명이 진심으로 나도.. 라도 대답하기 잼 ㅋㅋㅋ (일본시차없음 시간한국이랑같음)

Overseas performance cut 1: When we went for our performance in Kumamoto, I jokingly said “I’m feeling tired due to jet lag” but one member said “me too” sincerely, how fun ㅋㅋㅋ (There is no timezone difference between Japan and Korea)

해외여행 썰2 캄보디아공연갔을때 태하랑 같은방썼는데 태하가 신라면이랑 프링글스먹고싶은데 영어로주문못한다고징징대서 아휴멍청아 ㅉㅉ 형님하는거잘봐. 이러면서 전화걸어서 영어로주문한다고했는데 테이블들어오더니 고기쌀국수2개랑 치킨말이튀김 온거 잼 ㅋㅋ

Overseas travel cut 2: When we were in Cambodia for a performance, Taeha and I shared a room. Taeha was craving Shin Ramen and Pringles but he was complaining since he couldn’t speak English. I said “Gosh you stupid guy, look attentively at what hyung does”, picked up the phone and ordered in English but when the table came there were two bowls of meat and rice noodles ㅋㅋ

해외여행 썰3 몽골 호텔에서 스타일리스트누나 방인줄알고 놀릴려고 반바지에의상부츠신고나시입고머리띠쓰고 이상한안경쓰고 문똑똑거렸는데 모르는 외국여자분이 문열더니 놀라길래 쏘리이러고 도망가는데 보이그룹 스피드? 라고해서 오케이 땡큐땡큐 이러고 도망감

Overseas travel cut 3: At a hotel in Mongolia, I thought this one room was the stylist noona’s room so I decided to scare her by wearing shorts, boots, sleeveless shirt, a hair band, strange glasses and then I knocked on the door. A foreign woman opened the door and got scared so I apologised and went away but she asked “Boy group SPEED?”. I replied with an “Okay, thank you, thank you” and ran away

Translations @ speed-boys

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Anonymous: profile taewon

All member profiles are here :)

Anonymous: Can I not put my real name in the form for the giveaway?

Its ok for now. Your tumblr link is most important

lkay93: I changed my username, is that a problem?

Are you talking about the giveaway? If you changed your username, please tell me your old one so that I can note it down next to your entry. 

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Original post : click
Please do participate in this upcoming Yuhwan birthday support project! The more participants the better the project!
☆ DEADLINE : 2014.07.19 ☆

by Just YHK (twitter)

Original post : click

Please do participate in this upcoming Yuhwan birthday support project! The more participants the better the project!

☆ DEADLINE : 2014.07.19 ☆

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[2014.07.07] Taewoon Twitter Update

다음주 wootaewoon-blind 가 M/V와 함께 공개가 될예정입니다.동시에 이번주 토욜speakshow에서blind를 처음 라이브로 보여드릴 예정이오니 기대기대부탁드리겠습니당 !!^^

wootaewoon-blind M/V is expected to be released next week. At the same time, the live version of Blind will be shown for the first time at Speak Show this Saturday so please anticipate it. !!^^

Translations @ speed-boys

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